Care To Share Patient Refferal

We are devoted in maintaining the optimal oral health needs and beautiful smiles of our community and patients. As our patients, your opinion of our services are highly regarded. With every word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from our patients, our practice continues to grow and thrive.

Our Care to Share Patient Referral Program serves to reward you for every referrals you recommend to your families, friends, and colleagues. Your referral is the greatest complement our new office can receive. As an expression of our appreciation for your referral support, both you and the new patient will receive a $30 patient account credit, after the new patient’s first appointment check-out.

Referral Certificate

Please print the Referral Certificate from below, and pass it on to your families, friends, and colleagues. Please have them fill out the certificate and present it to our office on their first new patient appointments. We will apply a $30 credit to their patient accounts and yours, uppon their first appointment check-outs. The Referral Certificates are also available at our office.


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