Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care is the practice of maintaining good oral health to prevent dental issues. It includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and regular checkups. If you hope to avoid the need for restorative dental treatments in the future, you’ll need to practice good oral hygiene, which includes regular preventive appointments with our dentist. These visits allow us to monitor your oral health and catch problems early on when they are easier to treat.

How preventive dental work benefits you

Dental cleanings and examinations are essential to help prevent cavities and gum disease, and they are recommended at least twice a year. Regular teeth cleaning is especially important for children and adolescents because they typically have more plaque, tartar, and bacteria in their mouths than adults. Additionally, children’s gum tissues are more prone to bleeding during gum care procedures, which is why they require more frequent appointments to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

However, we also see many adult patients who don’t prioritize preventative dental care. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can prevent serious dental health problems that require complex dental treatment in the future, including root canals, tooth extractions, dental crowns, and periodontal therapy. Avoiding regular checkups and cleaning can significantly increase the risk of these common dental issues.

What happens during a routine visit

During your preventive appointment, we will examine your mouth for signs of trouble and recommend treatments as needed. You’ll also learn more about at-home care techniques so you can keep your teeth healthy between checkups. Treatment options may include professional dental cleanings, fluoride applications, mouthguards for sports, and more.

During your visit, we’ll also ask you about your medical history and do a head and neck exam to look for signs of oral cancer. We’ll evaluate the health of your teeth and gums by looking for cavities, plaque buildup, gum inflammation, and other potential problems. We may also take X-rays of your mouth to find any underlying issues that aren’t yet visible to the naked eye. From there, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs based on the amount of cleaning you need and the treatments you would need to correct any issues we’re finding.


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